Biodiesel – Environmentally Friendly Diesel

By now, I think we all realize that the burning of fossil fuels has increased our greenhouse gas emissions significantly. Greenhouse gas emissions have led to global warming which threatens our planet. Greenhouse gases have caused the Earth’s temperature to continue to rise. This has resulted in glaciers melting which has caused our oceans and sea levels to rise considerably.

These climate changes have adversely affected people, plants, and animals. Greenhouse gases are emitted as a result of the energy we use by driving and using electricity. To preserve our planet we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. One way we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions is by using biodiesel.

Biodiesel fuel is a clean burning alternative fuel that comes from domestic, renewable resources. It is locally grown, processed, and distributed. Biodiesel is a natural and renewable domestic fuel alternative that is designed for use in diesel engines. Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils, mostly soy and corn. It contains no petroleum, is safe, and biodegradable.

Currently fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas provide most of our energy supply. Fossil fuels are not renewable and once they are gone they are gone forever. That’s why it is so important for us to start relying on alternative fuel sources that are renewable.

Biodiesel is widely thought to be the fuel of the future. Biodiesel does not contain oil, but petroleum can be mixed to generate a biodiesel blend. The most common blend is B20 (20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent diesel) that can be used in various vehicles. Pure biodiesel (B100) fuel though, can just be used in diesel engines.

Biodiesel can be used in its unaltered form in diesel engines which makes biodiesel one of the easiest alternative fuels to use. Biodiesel burns clean which lessens its environmental impact. It significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and toxic air pollutants. Biodiesel is carbon neutral and does not contribute to climate change. It is the only alternative fuel that has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Biodiesel is better for the environment because it is made from renewable resources and has lower emissions compared to petroleum diesel. It is less toxic and biodegrades very quickly. Since it is made in the USA from renewable resources such as soybeans, its use decreases our dependence on foreign oil and contributes to our own economy.

One of the best and most effective ways we can help the environment is to stop using fossil fuels. Renewable and alternative energy technologies offer many options to do just that. We can do this even on a personal basis. There are many options for individual home owners to replace conventional grid power with greener technology, biodiesel fuel and save money while doing it. As a matter of fact they can even make you money. For more information,please have a look at our new book “Renewable Energy Explained.” You can find the link in the resources section below. Thanks for reading today.

Keep Going Green!