Christmas Trees ? Think Eco this Year

Everybody loves a Christmas tree and each year millions of us go out and either but a real tree or get an old plastic one from the loft – but are we being eco-friendly when we do so.

Whatever your preference there is an eco price for our Christmas trees. While t could be argued that plastic or fake trees are eco-friendly because they resist the need for real trees to be cut down.

This, however, is not really the case. Firstly, real trees are intensively farmed (in itself not a good thing but more about this below) and secondly plastic tress are not biodegradable and few trees are reused for more than four or five years – with the result of a lot of plastic Christmas trees littering landfills.

As for buying a real tree, the problem there is in the intensity that they are farmed. A lot of chemicals – such as fertilizers, herbicides – are used in the production of Christmas trees and often these trees come from abroad too, so they have a heavy carbon footprint before they are sold in the UK.

So what is the solution for an eco friendly Christmas tree – not bother? Well, there is a way of having a real, naturally grown Christmas tree; one that hasn’t been grown with fertilizers and herbicides, or intensively farmed – grow your own.

This doesn’t sound as challenging as you may think as grow-your-own Christmas tree kits are available. These contain everything you need to grow a real Christmas tree in your own home, including growing pots, compost, seeds and a guide containing tips for growing the tree.

By growing your own Christmas tree you can be assured that no chemicals are used in its production, it has a low carbon footprint and it can create a great sense of satisfaction for children and adults alike when they see the tree grow throughout the year.