Eco-Friendly Affordable Living

When it comes to issues about the environment today, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Global warming, pollution, oil spills, smog – are words that strike panic and alarm to many advocates of green living and preservation of environment. However, to be able to address these issues means everybody has to do their share because cooperation and discipline are the simple keys to make a difference even in simple ways. Here are some easy suggestions to start making a difference and begin living a more environmentally friendly life.

Recycle. Recycling materials is important because it reduces waste being dumped into landfills. Recycle plastic, metal, glass and paper products. Also, whenever possible replace disposable products with reusable ones, such as batteries, ink cartridges, razors, etc.

Reuse plastic bags from grocery stores or supermarkets; they are great as food wrappers instead of buying aluminum foils, bin liners rather than garbage bags, storage packaging, etc. During holidays, picnics, or out of town trips, switch from disposable to reusable food and beverage containers such as cups, plates, spoons, forks, etc. Buying and selling used items are a great way to cut down manufacturing energy costs and easy on the pocket too.

Buy locally produced and grown products. Buying organic foods that are grown by local farmers not only bring healthier food to your family’s table, but conserves energy and fuel costs that are needed to transport the produce. As well as being much healthier the organic growers won’t be causing pollution to land and the air with pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. Lastly, it can provide income and opportunities to local producers.

If your destination is near, walk to get there or use a bicycle. These will not only lessen the poisonous gases emitted by vehicles, they can also provide exercise making you healthier and can even save you money because you won’t have to spend for fuel. But this does not mean you have to sell your car. What you can do is to start car pooling or if you are just by yourself, you can try using public transport. If there are lesser cars on the streets, the lesser gases emitted in the air.

Use renewable resources when decorating you house. Many manufacturers today use materials rapidly renewable resources when making furniture, floorings and many more. These can not only help the environment but there are also aesthetically pleasing and are comparable to high end decorations

If possible, hand laundry washing use much less water and still do a better job of washing. Line-drying clothes has plenty of benefits, not to mention the sun is a natural whitener that makes the wet white clothes more whiter, so less expense on bleaches plus the UV rays from the sun are germ-busters as well. Sadly in some areas clothesline are outlawed, nevertheless it is the most inexpensive alternative to dryer. Obviously dryers use up a lot of electricity more than any other household appliance.

Think about using solar panels or wind turbines to help power your residence. By using solar or wind energy you can reduce your electricity consumption, at the same time you can help the environment through lessening the need for fossil fuel to be burned by electric providers. You can save money and conserve energy over time.