Eco Friendly Bottles

Pollution in the world is increasing at an alarming rate. As a result the increasing impact of global warming is being felt around the world. A major reason for this phenomenon is the use of goods made up of non degradable plastic. Since this plastic is not bio degradable it causes landfills to be exhausted and initiates other kinds of pollution. Bottled water bottles is the main source of this waste plastic, it’s better to use Eco friendly bottles.

Regular plastic water bottles have a lot of disadvantages. First and the foremost is the plastic used to make water bottles is a very unstable compound. Drinking from plastic bottles causes the compound in the plastic to break down and form carcinogenic compounds.

Moreover some of the colored plastic bottles contain lead, which as a heavy metal can cause other diseases as well. Plastic bottles also contain DEHA which is another potential carcinogen. Other chemical compounds present in plastic bottles have been shown to mimic human hormones and can cause hormonal imbalance as well.

Due to all these disadvantages of throw away plastic bottles, many manufactures are now introducing–safe reusable Eco friendly bottles made from glass.

As clear as plastic, but with no chance of toxins leaching into the water they are chemically stable and can hold water for a long time with no reduction in the quality or taste of the water.

People have become increasingly aware of the extent of water pollution in our planet. The water that we get from the municipal water companies and taps is safe, but still has a lot of impurities and over a life time can have detrimental effects on ones health.

Hence you need to have a constant supply of safe clean water. Eco friendly bottles are quite useful since they can hold clean and safe water for longer periods of time and it does not spoil.

Eco friendly water bottles are economical too. Since these bottles can be reused again and again, many office managers and city councils are supplying filtered water rather than bottled water for their employees.

Instead of using throw away plastic containers, you can fill these Eco friendly bottles with clean water and keep reusing them. Throw away plastic bottles form a very large part of the plastic waste on the planet. Each year millions of plastic bottles are discarded by people all over the world.

The manufacture of these bottles costs millions of dollars. Once used and thrown away, it becomes difficult to actually dispose them. Recycling is an option but that can only be done to a limit. Even the most expensive and branded bottled water is actually a health hazard. Bottled water is transported using fossil fuels, which is also is a dwindling resource and costs millions of dollars.

The icing on the cake is, the quality of the throw-away-bottle bottled water is no better than the water from your tap. You can do your part by setting up our own water filtration system, and refilling your own Eco friendly bottles and taking pure clean fresh water where ever you go.