Eco Friendly Laundry Products

Eco friendly laundry products are becoming the cleaning products of choice for many consumers. Some people are simply enthusiastic about any type of “green” activity that is good for the environment and they throw their weight behind these products. Other people discover that choosing a green detergent is good for their health, home and pocketbook. No matter how environmentally aware you may be, the fact of the matter is that these gentle laundry cleaners are your best choice.

If you want truly clean clothes does it really make sense to wash them in a tub of chemicals? How many people even bother to look and see what kinds of ingredients are in their favorite laundry detergents? For a long time the emphasis has been on whiter whites and brighter brights, and this has been a detriment to the environment as well as having had a negative impact on the health of you and your family.

Bleaches, fabric softening sheets, stain removers, dry cleaning sheets and detergents all contain a number of compounds that are much more dangerous than you might realize. Strong fumes, allergies and skin irritation can often result if you are not using eco-friendly laundry products.

So many people have been using strong laundry cleaners over the years that few bother to consider the effect of these household items. In fact advertisers just have to claim a new product makes your clothing look better and there is a virtual stampede of consumers racing to the grocery shelves so they can try it for themselves.

The polluting chemicals from routine washdays will then make their way out from the machines to the environment. This wastewater and residue will end up in the sewage systems, rivers, lakes and oceans. Some of the phosphates and chemicals will leach into the ground and underground water supplies.

Consider this for a moment. Every time you fail to use eco friendly laundry products you are contributing to the pollution of your world. It may not seem like such a major problem to some people. After all, what can one little load of wastewater really do? Surprisingly, one load of water from your washing machine will still add pollutants and chemicals to the environment. If millions of people choose popular brand name detergents over eco-friendly laundry products then the problem will multiply exponentially.

With a green detergent product you have a safe and sane solution to this type of problem. These types of laundry products are great for the environment, cause no harm to the water supplies and they are also safe for your personal health. With eco-friendly laundry detergents every washday gives you the opportunity to show that you care and support a better world for the future.

Always read the labels on any of the detergents and laundry additives that you are purchasing. Choosing products that have no chlorine and no phosphates is a good way to begin your personal campaign for safe products to use in your washing machine.

With eco friendly laundry products you will make your laundry room a better place as well. In addition to being good for the environment these gentle cleaning products will be very beneficial for your family, and home. {pixabay|100|campaign}