Eco-friendly Led Dash Lights Dazzle With Their Performance

The Police teams can work with more confidence and efficiency as they are able to use these powerfully brilliant LED Dash Lights to blind the miscreants into submission. Since these lights help to conserve energy they are sought after by all emergency work units to provide a safer environment for the citizens.

Police vehicles require high visibility to ensure safety on roads for vehicular traffic as well as to warn motorist of hazards such as bad roads, landslides, snowstorms etc. When police give chase, they require bright flashing LED Dash Lights to warn felons to stop and avoid further problems. LED Dash Lights are now fitted on to most Emergency Vehicles as they are an indispensable item for providing bright light that can be seen from miles away. These lights use 3 watt LED modules as well as optical lenses to radiate brilliance that can blind the victim sitting in their vehicle so that they remain immobile when the light is focused on him.

The outer lenses are clear and the LED Dash Lights are available in a choice of different colours. Each bulb has the capacity to give out 176 lumens of light. The LED Dash Lights are provided with two 3 watts of generation 3 with a central additional 7th light, which is the takedown light. It has a separate switch of its own and can be plugged in with a control box to the lighter plug. The Pattern switch is fitted to the side of the unit. The Flashback guard is neatly bolted to the sleek unit to fit snugly. Two suction cups are provided so that the takedown light can be mounted on the ceiling or inside windows to provide light for the interiors. These lights are very powerful and can be seen from afar as they even light up the lower portion of the vehicle.

The LED Dash Lights are a far cry from the early halogen and xenon bulbs that were fitted onto motor vehicles. These lights can dazzle vehicles with their brilliant coloured radiance and also help police to perform their duties that much more efficiently. The LED Dash Lights use far less power than the normal lights. As a result, they last much longer than the earlier strobe and police lights that were fitted on to Emergency Vehicles. This takedown light has several advantages. Police can use these lights to finish some paper work or help carry people in their vehicles to safety. It infuses confidence and helps Emergency Unit work teams to carry out their duties in a more organized and befitting way.

The LED Dash Lights takedown feature is especially beneficial for Emergency Vehicles to light up the inside the vehicles. These lights when turned on have different flash patterns and colours. They brighten up the interior of the car so that it is visible for miles around. LED Dash Lights prove most effective as they warn drivers of danger hazards on the roads especially when there is poor visibility. More and more teams on the emergency work force are using these brilliant lights as energy-saving options, for brighter tomorrows.