Eco Kitchen ? eco friendly appliances

The kitchen is a very busy part of the home, especially at this time of year with all the dinners that need to be prepared, not to mention the clothes washing and other chores that can only be done in the kitchen.

There is a multitude of appliances and tools in the average kitchen that can make daily household tasks a lot easier, but not all of them work efficiently, which means that the kitchen can be one of the most energy wasteful areas of the home.

The kettle, is a good example. Many of us may turn out kettles on four or five times an evening, often boiling far more water than is necessary. All the extra power required to boil this unnecessary water is being wasted. And while this does not amount to very much, the accumulative effect of millions of kettles being over-filled produces tonnes of extra CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

An eco kettle gets over these problems by only boiling the required water. Either just enough for a single cup or forever how many people tea of coffee is required, saving both energy and water.

And there are eco friendly appliances that can save even more energy. Halogen ovens, for example, get hot instantly and cook nearly 60 % quicker than conventional ovens so dinner can, not only be ready a lot quicker, it can be cheaper to cook too.

Other ways of saving energy in the kitchen in include using clothes airers rather than the power intensive tumble dryer or fitting gas energy savers onto gas hobs – these enable you took with less gas, saving money and emissions.

The are a wide variety of kitchen eco gadgets on the market and by replacing some of the more energy inefficient appliances in the kitchen it can go a long way to both reducing energy consumption and home fuel bills.