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Do not know you noticed the original covered with a variety of Business Advertisement In Beijing Subway Station Lane, quietly put on a number of wildlife activities in the great outdoors free huge photographs. Momentum works great, beautiful majestic, mind images depicting the impact, so that every day Life In the city are busy making a living to people eye opener. On the head of the Luo is hollyland Group.

2001, the Luo in a friend’s encouragement go a trip to Africa, where once was magnificent natural landscape and a large number of wild animals to spell. Moving pictures depicting his strong visual impact, and hence the impact of his soul. After returning to Africa became the place where he was dreaming about was not long before he set foot in Africa Land . This time he went to Kenya’s Lake Nakuru National Park. Elique on Lake Nakuru on the millions of pink flamingos that he exclaimed: life, the original can escape to the existence of such a form of beauty. When you see the predator in the lake, sail hundreds of large pelicans inadvertently formed a gorgeous “6” shape, he was fast to snap down. Although the nature of the “6” end in failure, but this scene has never left his camera in the film. At this point, I love the Africa, the joy of success and great joy to Luo blood. Recalled feeling at the time, Luo said: “That moment I knew I was completely conquered Africa. My heart no longer listen to my greeting, it has remained in Africa.” From then on, obsessed with his Yitang Tang went Africa has experienced adversity, the eternal theme to where?? nature and wild animals again and again pressing the shutter: Kilimanjaro elephants roaming under snow-capped mountains, Serengeti plains on the torrent like wildebeest, Mara river The hippos and crocodiles, elegant tree walk through the grasslands in Masayima Diarrhea giraffe, running wild in the wetlands between the cattle, wandering in the wilderness of the rhino, zebra, antelope, crowded in upon the birds … …

Luo by his Shot Appreciate the beauty of Africa. In 2006 to commemorate the June 5 World Environment Day, UNEP invited to visit the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, Luo held his own photography exhibition, won the people’s praise.

Lake Nakuru in Kenya, a habitat for 400 bird species and the global 1 / 3 of flamingo, there is a bird of paradise, also Luo African tour begins. However, environmental degradation, Nakuru pelican and flamingos are dying and the reduction. In this regard, Luo distressed. He personally donated two million yuan to the United Nations Environment Programme, which made him the first individual environmental projects on behalf of those who donated to the UNEP. A United Nations Deputy Secretary-General of its Farm? Steiner praised the Luo to help promote the United Nations Environment Programme’s a dream, is to let all the world’s citizens, regardless of national boundaries, regardless of nationality, a responsibility to promote peace, promote economic development in order to be sustainable development and environmental protection as an integral part of people’s lives.

10 years, Luo consistently used the camera to record the beauty and the creation of natural magic. For the Luo, the photography is now not just his dream, when the dream shines into the reality, environmental and charitable as his mission, and the photographer is the ladder leading to the mission. Use the words of Luo, and people share the astonishing nature that moved, so that they can see the original nature, wake up the dream of heart is his greatest happiness. As Kenya’s deputy environment minister Ti Buti said at the donation ceremony, Luo is a natural ambassador, he is the people’s eyes with lenses polished and tell them what is truly beautiful.