Environmental Friendly Marketing

As the world wises up to environmental issues, the demand for products produced with respect for our planet and it´s people is steadily increasing.

Green Concept is a brand that satisfies these requirements with promotional clothing and accessories created from environmentally friendly materials by a workforce whose welfare is responsibly upheld.

Items bearing the Green Concept label are constructed from sustainable materials, organic cotton, bamboo and recycled PET, with consideration given to every detail including threads, trims and labeling.

Green Concept is committed to the respect of our natural resources, so we can all have a future to look forward to.

Promotional Items in environmental friendly materials
An overview of our Green Concept promotional Items and clothes is categorized in five different groups.


As the manufacture of petroleum-based plastic becomes more controversial, the recycling of PET gains credibility. Transforming plastic bottles into usable fibers not only reduces landfill volume but also means we can produce new goods without further plundering the planets resources. Let´s make the most of what we already have by creating new from old.
The range of products made of recycled plastic bottles is quite wide today.
For example you can find Business laptop bags, Shoulder bags, Document bags Lanyards, Fleece jackets and polos
As recycled glass in promotional Items, you can find Jamie Oliver Water or Wine carafe, made from couple of marmalade jars.


Non-woven bags are 100% recyclable, hand washable and fire resistant. A smart alternative to throw away plasticbags, non-woven bags are reusable for at least 3 years and can hold up to 15 KG.
Products you can find in Non-Woven is conventional tote bags, and deluxe totebag.


PVC-free bags are made with materials that deliver the look, feel and function of PVC but have reduced environmental impact.
PVC free Promotional Items and
is for example Rucksack, Conference bag, City bag, Dispatch bag.


Green Concept cotton products are made from 100% organically grown cotton, with no chemical bleaches used in processing.
– Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, unlike conventionally grown cotton which accounts for 25% of the world´s chemical pesticide use.
– Only natural substances are used to process our organic cotton, using less fuel and energy and resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional cotton processing methods.
– The absence of synthetic chemicals used to grow and process our cotton results in textile that´s

– Kinder to the environment
– Healthier to work with
– Healthier to wear
Promotional Items and Giveaways in Organic Cotton is for example Shopper bag, Shoulder bag, Travel bag, Rucksack, Organic Cap, Pens, T-shirts, Sweaters and Polos


A highly sustainable resource, Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that naturally regenerates by sending up new shoots after harvesting and even serves to improve soil quality. It grows so well that no pesticides or fertilizers are needed.
As a textile, Bamboo has wealth of advantageous quality’s.
– Feels and looks as soft and luxurious as silk
– As strong and durable as cotton
– Machine watchable
– Hypo-allergenic

Promotional Clothes and Items in Organic Bamboo can be USB-flash, T-shirt and Polo

So when you are in moment to decide and order your next promotional items or Giveaways just give environment a little thought. With today’s big range of promotional items in nature friendly material, it can´t be hardest decision.