For A Cleaner Environment

A good quality biodiesel fuel requires a high grade feedstock like soybean or canola oil. But it’s problem when there is not a large quantity readily available of this type of high grade feedstock. Therefore production of biodiesel has been limited and because of this, the usage of biodiesel has been limited. Yet as with all things, where there is an unfulfilled demand is where human ingenuity and higher-level thinking takes over.


Due to the high demand yet low availability of biodiesel many companies around the world are looking at alternate products that can be used to produce biodiesel fuel. These new methods and new technologies not only utilize feedstock from different sources but they are also using cleaner technology to produce the biodiesel.


In the past, production of biodiesel has used caustic chemicals. The new technology does not use caustic chemicals and there is no toxic waste water to dispose of. These factors make the production costs lower and faster.


For example with the old methods the production of biodiesel fuel would require large open areas of land to evaporate the water needed to wash the fuel. They would also need large fuel storage tanks. With the new methods of making biodiesel fuel all that is needed is an 8′ x 40′ module to process 28,000 gallons of fuel per day. From just this example you can see how biodiesel and technology are working together.


Of course we are all wondering when we will be able to use biodiesel fuel in car engines. The technology does exist and one thing car owner will realize is that they need to change the fuel filter more often until the biodiesel diesel has stripped away the petrol that builds up in engines.


As you can see biodiesel and technology have come a long way. They work side by side. It is fantastic with the human mind and nature can do together to make the world a better and cleaner place to live than.