Making Your Coffee Eco Friendly

We all love drinking coffee. More than 1400 million cups are consumed per day. That’s a lot of coffee and also a lot of waste. But we don’t need to stop drinking coffee. We just need to be more conscientious in how we drink it. By drinking coffee the eco friendly way, we can reduce the negative impact on the environment while still enjoying our coffee. Here are some easy idea’s to reduce the negative influences from coffee.

Buy Organic Coffee
Not only is Organic Coffee better for the environment but it is also healthier for the coffee drinker. Organic coffee is grown without the pesticides standard coffee growers use. Lots of Organically grown Coffee is shade grown which means the farmers aren’t cutting down all the trees to grow the coffee. This is better for the forest and the wildlife in the forest. It is also better for the coffee as the beans form slower and therefore produces a denser, higher quality bean.

Use Ecotainer’s
There are biodegradable coffee cups around now such as ecotainer. Find out which café’s are using these compostable cups and start buying your coffee from these coffee shops. Or if you run a café start using ecotainer’s instead of normal non-biodegradable cups.

Use Your Own Mug
If you like going to a café to get your coffee and they don’t use environmentally friendly cups then get in the habit of taking your own thermal mug. It will keep your coffee warm for longer and it reduces the waste from the standard takeaway cups. If you have one coffee a day that will be 365 less paper/plastic coffee cups in the waste each year.

Recycle Your Coffee Grinds
There are many ways to use your coffee grinds. You can use them on your garden or if you don’t have a garden collect them and give them away to people that do. The coffee grinds release nutrients that increase the acidity of the soil. Thus you get a richer soil which will obviously produce healthier plants. You can also use coffee grinds on your indoor plants.

Coffee grinds can also be used to repel insects and to keep cats of your garden!
Try using coffee grounds as an exfoliater as it removes all the dead skin cells making your skin lovely and soft again.

These are simple ideas but they can have a huge positive impact on the environment if lots of people start doing them. Even 365 less coffee cups a year is an improvement. So if a few people start drinking coffee the eco way they will make a positive change for the better.