Simple Green All Naturals Review

The original Simple Green cleaning products were highly concentrated chemical formulations. They relied on synthetic detergents and scents. They were still thought of as environmentally friendly cleaners because they were proven to be non-toxic for us and the planet being fully biodegradable.

Now the company has gone one step further with a new range of all natural cleaning products. Aimed solely at the domestic market these are not quite so tough as their conventional range. But still, looking at customer feedback and reviews the response is very positive. Maybe a touch more elbow grease required, but only a touch. These are still good at getting the cleaning done.

Now though, these all natural cleaning products are just that little bit greener. All the ingredients are 100% naturally derived. The bases are corn, palm and coconut oil detergents. Only naturally occurring minerals, salts and sugars are added to create great cleaning power. All scents are 100% plant based and the only other thing added is water. For those who prefer to avoid synthetic chemicals this is a great range to ensure all your cleaning is natural and Eco friendly.

The products are more natural but still effective, biodegradable and non-toxic. The company have strayed a little from their industrial comfort zone but are obviously trying to increase their share of the domestic cleaning market. The products do not come in such large quantities or high concentrations as their ordinary ranges but there has to be a compromise somewhere and that is not too serious a one to make.

All the packaging used is fully and readily recyclable and made partly from post-consumer recycled plastics. They even use soy inks for the labels! You could be cynical and say they’re cashing in but it seems more like they’re just improving on what they already do. The original and industrial ranges are in no danger of disappearing but were just not natural enough for some Eco consumers. Now Simple Green cleaners can be used by a much wider range of green consumers.