Sony Ericsson Hazel an eco friendly slider

The modern day slogan of going green is not only limited to the poly bags and other commodities instead this concept has crept the mobile industry as well. Sony Ericsson is one of the leading manufacturers of the mobiles and it has recently launched a new handset called Sony Ericsson Hazel which is eco friendly device.

This mobile has been designed keeping in view of the fact that the non recycle materials are posing a threat to the environment. Sony Ericsson Hazel has been manufactured to by the recycle plastic that can be reused and the body of this gizmo is not made of any lead or other harmful chemicals. Apart from this some writings in green over the mobile are used to promote the concept of environmental friendly slogan.

The other eco friendly trait of this mobile is that it has been equipped with a charger that consumes less power. The environment friendly calculator and walk mate eco applications are adding to a noble cause. The minimized use of packing material and reduced guide to users are all features to go green

Some other attractive features of the mobile:

People who want a slider mobile can think nothing better than this as it has been designed with a swift sliding screen. The true meaning of slider is fulfilled as an individual does not have to push only a simple swift slide will pull up the screen.  The Sony Ericsson Hazel offers the users with a nice sound quality. The noise protection and a great voice adaption technique are making it a soothing device to the ears.The presence of high quality speakerphones gives users an ease to make and receive calls and remain hands free.

General features of display and alerts:

Sony Ericsson Hazel is an eco friendly handset with excellent features of looks and alerts. It is available in shades of black, white and silver. The classy looking handset measures 102.5×49.5×16 and also the compact design is making it light weight. It weighs roughly about 120 g and so can be easily carried.