Why Hire An Eco Friendly Coach?

If you have ever travelled around the UK, you probably already know how efficient coach travel can be, however did you know you will soon be able enjoy your trip and help protect the planet as well? Green vehicles are the wave of the future and the trend is expanding from the private sector to commercial venues. Here are a few things you need to know about green coaches.

Vision of New Green Coaches:

When you run, a business that transports people it is important to consider all your customer’s needs. Clean air and a sustainable form of fuel are definitely in that realm, and as such, many coach companies are considering what they can do to get away from polluting fossil fuels that are non-renewable.

There are a few different options available to power motorised vehicles, even the large varieties such as commercial coaches. Depending on the company you may find coaches powered by pure plant oil (PPO), natural gas, PetroAlgae, used cooking oil or electric. Each of these is renewable and will decrease the carbon footprint of commercial companies by a significant degree.

The Problem:

One of the biggest problems coach companies are encountering is the lack of widespread availability of these green fuel sources. At the present time these fuels are not easily obtainable however many coach companies are doing everything in their power to use them as often as possible until technology and production come up to meet demand.

Current State of Affairs:

While companies look into the many alternative fuel options and begin experimenting with the options, they are working on more and more ways to reduce emissions. European emissions standards are some of the strictest and coach hire companies are doing everything possible to meet these standards. These include Euro 5, Euro 6 and EEV standards.

Creating an eco-friendly line of vehicles for coach hire is a long process that will not happen overnight. Today there are many strides being made and soon you will be able to book a trip on one of several ‘eco’ responsible coaches.

Around the world governments, companies and consumers are searching for the answers to a crisis in energy and pollution. Hybrid vehicles are showing up in many countries that run on greener fuels and in the instance of electric vehicles no fuel at all. As research continues, it is sure that one type of fuel will rise above the rest, but until then emission, controls and conservation are the best answers.


Even if the coach hire company you are looking at does not have green vehicles today, you and the people who travel with you, are still doing your part to reduce carbon emissions and save the planet. Taking a coach instead of driving your car is an environmentally sound decision, especially if there are several people in your party, which would require more than one vehicle. Coaches are a comfortable, as well as economical way to travel throughout Europe and areas within the UK for both business trips and holidays.