Best ever Green Printing tactics

If you are consistently making an effort to get your business green, the most prominent ways to be eco friendly is to embrace green printing tactics. By going greener, you can help the nature and thus environment. Recycled paper printing services have been extensively used nowadays by several companies and organizations. Printing Company Australia has been well known for its green printing services, some of them are: 1. Reckon your design elements – Watch out the design elements, and try to avoid large ink areas as much as possible. Also, try to cut down the size of the project by reducing the amount of waste produced during the printing procedure. 2. More use of recycled paper – For going green, apply recycled paper printing services i.e. use paper that comprises at least 30% post consumer waste. 3. Prefer Soy & Vegetable inks – Soy & vegetable inks are highly beneficial for the environment as they do not comprise any toxins and carcinogens like contained in petroleum inks. Also, they are very easy to remove in the recycle. 4. Employ bio degradable coatings – Try to employ bio degradable coatings for finished products like brochures, flyers and book covers. Gentle to the nature, they are easier to reprocess. 5. Minimize page count – By minimizing your page counts, you will make more cost efficient printings. In addition, this green printing technique helps in producing less waste. You can easily do it by using smaller margins, font sizes and printing applied on both sides of the paper. 6. Use recycled binding elements – As compared to other binding options, recycled ones like recycled plastic coil comprises approx. 80% post consumer waste plastic, making it better green substitutes. 7. Always count the numbers – While endeavoring to integrate green printing services, always print the exact number of copies, you require. It will help in reducing the cost factor as well as annihilating waste. 8. Ensure effective marketing – Green Printing includes minimal wastage of your products and materials used. 9. Recycle inside and out – For more green printing, go as much paperless as you can. Recycling your bins, trash cans and copy machines, by everything you can go greener day by day.