Bmw To Develop Eco Friendly Supercar

BMW, the luxury auto marker, is soon to join the green club of the car makers. If the insiders are to be believed, the luxury car manufacturers are soon planning to come with its first hybrid car. The step has been taken to make a better fuel-efficient car which is eco friendly and using the technological excellence which BMW takes pride in.

It was reported by the executives, that, the company is manufacturing of the hybrid car and the electric-power Megacity car will meet the new standard set to regulate the environment issues. This will also pump up the sales of the green cars which is expected to be 2 million units by 2020 which is 1.4 million in this year. If the reports are to be believed, the new hybrid car will be priced below the Rolls-Royce new models.

The new hybrid technology is called as The Vision Efficient Dynamics model which was exhibited in 2009, in the Frankfurt Auto Show. The new hybrid car will speed up to 100 km/per hr which is 62 miles in 4.8 seconds and emit carbondioxide by 99 grams per km. The New Cars will be out in the main stream market in 2013.

The new Hybrid car from the BMW stable, will accelerate similarly to BMW M6. However, as per the company source, the supercar will emit only 30 per cent carbondioxide of BMW M6 coupe.

As per the company sources, the supercar will be available in the major markets of BMW. The BMW M6 car is likely to be priced around US $ 102,350 and the company is confident that the car will take on its competitors, very well.

BMW stands for excellence in technology alongwith being a style icon brand and with the new car coming, no one is expecting less. The Sports car, will be a power car affixed with three-cylinder diesel engine and two electric engine. The new hybrid car with Vision Efficient Dynamics technology will be 1.24 meters long (4.1 feet), the doors will open upwards and the car will be a four seater. Well, it is speculated, that the car may remove the transparent doors as to make space for the arm rest and speakers.

The luxury brand is planning to invest in 530 million euros to start the production of the new electric Megacity car. A new facility will be carbon-fiber factory in US. The plan also includes an investment of 400 million euro in the Leipzig unit. As per the schedule,the BMW Megacity, battery operated car, is expected to be out for sale by 2013 under an all new sub brand. The safety feature in the car will be a carbon-fiber safety which also comes in Formula 1 racing car.