Eco Friendly Fashions

With the increasing awareness about the climatic and environmental disorders going around all over the world, people are becoming more interested in purchasing the eco friendly clothing so as to help save mother earth. People are favoring eco friendly clothing for their own health and safety too. Eco friendly clothing or green clothing is the alternative products obtained from the sustainable and replaceable natural resources. By purchasing the “green” clothing, you would add to the environment friendly customer group. Keeping the demand of the hour in mind, the apparel industry is also leaning towards manufacturing the environmentally sound clothing with the goal of gaining more exposure and a wider acceptance. You could say they are trying to create a frenzy around “green ” fashion among the masses.

Most are made from the natural products that are reusable and form the organic and recycled materials. You can very prudently make your own nature friendly and stylish by wearing the natural fiber t-shirts, polo shirts, bamboo hats and other recyclable clothing made from the recycled plastic. The clothing is priced slightly above the non organic clothing, so it may take time to catch up the fire, but as the beneficial nature and sustainability sides would resurface, eco friendly clothing will not much time to inundate the market.

The clothing is made from various and natural sources such as, bamboo, organic cotton, recycled polyester, Lycocell, Ingeo, hemp and soy.

Bamboo pulps are used to make bamboo textile, which does not need chemical bleaching and mere water is used to dye it.
Organic cotton is the newer variety of the traditional one that is produced without the use of pesticides, and so is most safe to wear.
Recycled polyester is obtained from the abandoned plastic bottles and do not pollute the soil and water like the polyester itself.
Lycocell is a fiber of cellulose obtained from the wool pulp and also from wood. It is a substitute of the natural cotton and biodegradable. This can be a good substitute for the artificial textile materials.
Ingeo is a biopolymer, which is derived from the plants, by breaking down their starches. They are used as a very durable and strong material for green apparel.
Hemp is also very popular and environment friendly in terms of the movement.
Soy has a number of utilities other than eco clothing, but it is being increasingly used for making them.

As days will pass, the necessity for the eco friendly clothing will increase every other day. So start buying them now to contribute to our home that is earth. Eco Friendly Fashions.