Eco Friendly Handbags: How To Tell If They Really Are Eco Friendly

It is hard to describe the relationship between a woman and her purse. After all, a purse is like a best friend. It is always there when it is needed. It carries the Kleenex, car keys, and cell phones, make up, sanitary supplies, notepad, shopping list, lip balm and more. Perhaps that’s why women love their handbags. Purchasing eco friendly handbags is a great way to get beautiful purses while protecting the environment. The question that many women have, though, is how can they tell if the handbag in question is eco friendly or not?

The best way to tell is to look at the materials from which the handbag in question was made out of. There is a huge variety of materials that could be recycled in order to make environmentally friendly bags. One can find out if the handbag in question is eco friendly by asking the store clerk what exact materials these bags are made out of. Sometimes, the bags will not be marked as having used recycled materials. That’s when it’s a good idea to learn how to identify some of the more popular recycled or eco friendly materials that can be used to make handbags that are environmentally friendly.

Some creative fabrics that could be recycled into unique and environmentally friendly handbags might include car seatbelts, truck tarps, sailboat sails, newspapers, art banners, sweaters or old ties. Recycled textiles of all sorts are considered eco friendly to use. Organic cotton is another great option to use in the development of hand bags that are environmentally conscious. These fabrics may look brand new from far away or even close up which is why one must ask the store clerk or read the labels to find out if these materials have been recycled or not.

There are more obvious materials that can be used to make purses that are environmentally friendly. For instance, a creative option that would be very inexpensive to make would include candy wrappers. This would be quite obviously a product of recycled materials and would be easily identifiable as such. The inner tire tubes for both trucks and bicycles could also be put to use as materials from which purses could be made. This type of rubber, instead of being thrown away, could get more use out of it and would make for an obviously eco friendly option that any woman would be happy to have. Indeed, knowing the different recyclable materials will help anyone to know if products they purchase are environmentally friendly or not. {youtube|100|campaign}