How to Clean Green for the Environment and You

If you’d like to be more environmentally friendly, changing the way you clean is one of the easiest things to do. You can easily change your cleaning habits to reflect an eco-friendly mindset without sacrificing sanitation. If you want to be healthy, clean and green, try out some of the ideas below. Buy environmentally-friendly cleaners. It’s easy to find cleaners that are non-toxic, made from plant-based substances and are biodegradable. Green cleaners are often derived from plants and contain essential oils like palm kernel or coconut oil. If you like soothing scents you can find green products with natural fragrances. These safe, natural substances allow you to clean without being preoccupied with safety and worry. Ensure the best air quality at home. The chemicals in many cleaners can damage your skin or senses. Besides chemicals, you also have to consider the pollen, dust, dust mites and more that are part of your home environment. The chemicals in many aerosol air fresheners or candles can exacerbate the problems. As an alternative you could choose natural air sprays or even boil a pot of some of your favorite spices or herbs. Besides using it in your fridge, you could sprinkle a bit of baking soda on your carpet before vacuuming to create a fresh scent. Plants can make excellent natural air filters. Look for ones with broad green leaves. Clean floors mean less harmful chemicals indoors. In homes with a lot of foot traffic, it’s hard to keep floors clean for long. The toxins and pollutants that can be tracked on the bottom of shoes can create an unhealthy environment as well as making a mess. A quality doormat can help get rid of some of the unwanted substances. An even better way to alleviate the problem is to institute a no-shoe policy indoors. Environmentally-friendly cleaning at home can begin with some of these ideas, but they certainly aren’t the only ones. Substituting soap and water for antibacterial cleaners and disposing of harsh cleaners properly can be a good start for more green cleaning. When you’re ready to learn more and become for green, there tips for however you want to live. There are many simple solutions that you can use in your green lifestyle. Green cleaning simply means using more of what nature has to offer to clean your home rather than harsh synthetic chemicals. If you want to clean and be green, it’s a good way to start.