Making Eco Friendly Printing Paper

Paper is regularly made from a cellulose fiber which we can have from various and different sources. The most popular one is wood pulp. Some others are cotton waste, paper, grass and straw. Virgin papers are one that is made with no recycled products. Producing eco friendly printing paper from recycled paper is a process of making waste paper turn into usable product. That the fibers are reprocessed from paper into other usable paper products means waste fiber is what is used to make recyclable paper.


The machines turn the wastepaper into mulch then mulch mixes with water to create slurry. With chemicals treating the Slurry to separate paper fibers chemically or using oxygen to bleach slurry the final step in the process is extracting the slurry called broth to make new paper.


There are two different sources of waste fiber one is known as “post consumer waste”, which is paper that has been used before. An example is paper that has been printed on, hence the Eco friendly printing paper. The fibers in recycling paper have a lifespan, which only allows for four to six recycles. As it gets weaker virgin fibers are added to give it strength.


Secondly is “mill broke” which is made of virgin wool pulp that has never been used before. “New leaf” paper is paper that is recycled and not whitened with chlorine compounds. Some paints are made of soy inks or vegetable oil and are free of toxic metals


There are different types of paper which are in turn made from different types of trees. Softwoods make paper that is strong. Hardwood however makes soft paper like loose-leaf. The different types of paper are:


1) office white paper

2) newspaper magazines

3) cardboard

4) colored paper

5) computer paper.


Which can all be recycled into Eco friendly printing paper


The need to recycle paper is growing more and more. As the increasing need for wood pulp grows so does the need for trees. As more and more trees need to be cut down the habitats of many woodland creatures are destroyed. Natural growing forests are replaced with super Grove Farms.


Also paper is biodegradable which ends up in land fill and produces methane as it rots. This is a very strong greenhouse gas, which in turn has a powerful effect on global warming. There are other great benefits to recycling, over 25,000 litres of water are used and between 2500 and 3500 kilowatts of energy and of course there is the creation of air pollution. Producing recycled paper takes approximately 50 percent less energy than producing virgin paper. Most of the energy used is to turn wood into paper so turning paper into paper produces eco friendly printing paper.


As important as it is to recycle it is just as important to buy recycled. Mills cannot continue to produce recycled paper if there is no demand for it. Buying power is also what is part of our job in recycling. Next time you’re shopping remember that doing nothing will never ever make the environmental problems go away.